The Baby Shop sells baby supplies for new families. They offer different brands of the same items. James andhis mom are shopping for his new baby brother. It is James’ job to make sure that his mom is making wisepurchases. Their first item to purchase is diapers. There are 3 different options for newborn-sized diapers.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Please read below.Step-by-step explanation:1. Let's calculate the unit price for each brand of diapers.A. Stay-Dry: 108 diapers for US$ 25.18Unit price = 25.18/108Unit price = US$ 0.23B. Uber-Soft: 180 diapers for US$ 39.14Unit price = 39.14/180Unit price = US$ 0.22C. Cuddlies: 160 diapers for US$ 38.77Unit price = 38.77/160Unit price = US$ 0.24D. James should advise his mom to purchase Uber-Soft diapers, because the unit price is the lowest.